Kerian River Bank

Currently there are no recreation centers for Pekan Bandar Baharu resident and the whole district in general. It is located in southern Bandar Baharu district which is about 25 km from administrative centre of District of Bandar Baharu

This project was conducted as this area has the potential to be developed. The traditional river sport events are being held here for three districts namely the district of Kerian, Perak, district of Southern Seberang Perai, Penang and district of Bandar Baharu, Kedah. The river is also a hot spot for fishing in Malaysia. It is one of the richest rivers with lobster and Ikan Kelisa Emas in Malaysia

District Council's has taken the advantage on the JPS project in building the 400m Ban along Kerian River Bank. This is to overcome the flood problem which often occurs during the rainy season. The council had received the budget from Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism to run the Kerian River Bank project. This project includes building wakaf, providing hawkers site, building pedestrian pathway and installing decorative light around the bank.

With the new-built recreation centre, the council party hopes it will make the Kerian River Bank a main focus for local residents and also for other district residents in general


Seri Tasik Park

This park was originally an inactive mine. Council's party has found its potential to be developed as a recreation garden since it is situated in the midst of Serdang town.Currently, this area already has children playground and exercise equipments. The budget was allocated from National Landscaping Department. District council has also received budget from Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism of Malaysia this year to upgrade present components. This includes building new wakaf, providing picnic tables and chairs, building concrete bridges to link two lakes, pedestrian pathway and decorative lights around the park.

Council's party also planned to build rest house and floating restaurant to attract tourist to visit Seri Tasik Park.

With all the implemented plans and ideas, Council party hopes that Seri Tasik Park will attract tourist attention to this district in the future.


Batu Hampar Recreation Jungle

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