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JPA Circular :
Senarai 27 Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Penambahbaikan  81 Skim Perkhidmatan Seperti Yang Diumumkan YAB Perdana Menteri Dalam Pembentangan Bajet 2014 Pada 25 Oktober 2013.  Click here for futher details.


Bandar Baharu District Council Enforcement Unit was set up to implement auxiliary jobs to Bandar Baharu District Council small hawker department, licensing department. Besides implementing "sumari" action (Demolition And Seizure) to variety Council's division, Enforcement Unit is also assigned to implement Act / By-law. Enforcement Unit of Services Complaints also conduct daily public complaint service

Types of complaints often received are:-

  • Obstacle at public pathway
  • Obstacle at parking lots
  • Problem with stray animals (cows and buffaloes
  • Dirt in public area
  • Prohibited act in the park
  • Open burning
  • Illegal Construction
  • Illegal hawker

All complaints and investigation will be recorded. Following steps:-

  • Investigation
  • Warning/Advice (Oral / Written)
  • Notification of offence/Notice to take action
  • Good Transfer/Demolition
  • Loot redemption
  • Loot disposal