Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dan Selamat Sejahtera semua.

Hello to all citizens of Bandar Baharu District Council (MDBB). I wish them in the pink of health. Firstly I would like to thank all visitors Official Site of Bandar Baharu District Council today.

If you are interested in attending any information of this website/portal, it means that you care about MDBB. Good, keep it up because we serve the information and activities directly to readers through this portal.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself as a new guy in Bandar Baharu District Council administration. My name as you all can see in the below and served as the President of Bandar Baharu District Council. Obviously a lot of things and the things i uninformed again with this area. I will try to learn as quickly as possible because time is not waiting for us. Something has to be done in moving the organization towards a more brilliant and the importance thing is MDBB may increase their revenue. Of course I would need the cooperation of all parties, including all my staffs in MDBB, Heads of State and Federal Department, local political leadership, JKKK and all the people. Without the cooperation of all the parties, the development of District of Bandar Baharu which is located far south in the State of Kedah are unlikely to be achieve.

I realize a lot of obstacles and constraints, particularly in terms of money, equipment and human resources in realizing the hopes and aspirations of local people. Their expectations are high. But how much can be filled with all the constraints that exist. This is a big challenge for Bandar Baharu District Council to deal with it.

Many people think that Bandar Baharu District Council financial resources contributed by the State Government and the Federal Government. Yes it's true there are also contributions received from the State and Federal Government, but the amount contributed is not equal everywhere. So the main sorce of MDBB is still focusing on the assessment, event rentals, quote business license and other tax that actually contribute less collection. The Council cannot expect the full support of the State because the State was to be given a lot of commitments and requires a lot of provisions to fulfill the promises to the people. Similarly, the federal government does a lot to help and provide a variety of development projects, but certainly cannot depend solely because the grant was uncertain. Sometimes more and sometimes less than before.

Therefore, I hope that people are more patient when their claims and complaints made, cannot be met. It's totally depend on the financial position of MDBB. A source to get, rather limited. What can be focus on is to enhance enforcement action againts taxpayers who still have lots outstanding and improving the enforcement of arrears of MDBB rent premises that is quite high as well. In addition, MDBB will enhance enforcement on business premises operating without licenses premises from MDBB.

I hope the people will understand the this MDBB passion because estimated tax payments and rent MDBB premises is the responsibility of the people concerned. Similarly, anyone who runs a business and companies in this area should take the appropriate business license.

All proceeds collected will be returned to the people. So I expect all parties to provide full cooperation to the measures that are being and will be taken by the MDBB.