What is RSS?

RSS (also known as "RSS Feed", "Syndication" etc. to be referred from herein on end as RSS) stands for Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 dan 1.0) is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) application following the specification of the World Wide Consortium (W3C) . It is a news syndication format used as an agent to access news or data online from web sites which support the application.

Why is RSS necessary?
Rapidly developing technology in online publishing has made for easier distribution of the latest information through the web, and you can access a wide array of the latest information from your favourite websites without having to remember the site URL or regularly checking your email. This RSS application has been specifically designed for web developers to channel the latest information from the Majlis Daerah Bandar Baharu (MDBB). Through this application, it is hoped that MDBB will be able to update its portal with the latest information in a faster and more effective manner. Through this RSS feed, you can also:

  • Select the news you want to know more about, and which is relevant to your needs.
  • Indirectly, you will be assured of accessing only secure and trustworthy content, and be protected from spam (the spam ).
  • Save time.
  • Access latest information on MDBB faster and more effectively.
  • Get the latest news and info without having to surf this site.

How to use RSS?

There are many options on how to use this RSS service. Here are two ways that are often used:

  1. Using the RSS Reader;
  2. Directly install to your internet browser.

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